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Kids and Cousin

Kids and Cousin

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Relocation, relocation, relocation,

Is it wrong to pray for someone to die?

Since the last time I had access to an internet connected computer I have moved 3 times! I am not finished either. We are currently staying in a two bedroom cabin, in a beautiful neighborhood, a stones-throw away from the Tennessee River. I can sit on the front porch and watch the boats fly by.  Sounds great right? Sure. 
Consider what your life would be like if you averaged three bodies per bedroom, and six bodies all sharing one bathroom. It could definitely be worse, but it could certainly be better. 

Here comes my point. We, as a family, have found 38.98 acres of raw land, on top of a mountain, with several runs of hardwood trees, acres and acres of hay ready grass, a tract God specifically designed to house my cows and horses, and 1 remaining chicken (that's a story for another day). It has hilltops for houses, and valleys for water management, and farm irrigation, and animal water supply, and general "I knew what I was doing here" when God looks at the beauty of the whole thing. The problem? Why am I not living there instead of here? Why have we not sold the property that would pay for the whole thing (outright, NO MORTGAGE), even though buyers are lined up for miles waiting? Because one man, with late stage Alzheimers, no quality of life, and no concept of what is going on, married my grandmother A LONG TIME AGO.  

The property that could make the bank needed to fulfill my dream was purchased and the house and barns built by my grandmother and grandfather. After many years of life together my grandfather passed, and eventually my grandmother remarried. The house was not this new husband's financially, but he contributed (everything) to the family finances every day for decades. He absolutely deserved to live out his days there. The problem is this...He can't live there anymore. He is too ill, and too confused to live alone, and he has been residing in an Alzheimer's facility for about a year (his daughter and son made that choice). Aforementioned daughter and son have no claim to this property, but Granny's will says that as long as husband number 2 continues to draw breath, the property must be available to him. Daughter has the power of attorney to sign away this last remaining caveat, but, at nearly 70, she seems to have almost as much memory as dear old dad, and can't find the paperwork. 

These choices remain:
1. We can drop a ridiculous $10,000.00 to have him declared incompetent.
2. Husband number 2, can die. 

I pray, for a solution, for God's will, for patience (I believe the Lord wants me to have patience), for HOPE that we will move forward soon. I think that praying for him to die is wrong here, as much as it would be kinder for him, easier for him, gentler to him, it would be for my own selfishness that I would ask that, so I don't (usually). Perhaps someone with a purer heart could intercede for me, and pray for his passing, for his own well being. 

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