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Kids and Cousin

Kids and Cousin

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation Photos.

Every day was filled with activity. This was Wednesday, when Jason's cousin Lizzy came to visit and play. 

This is the plane trip home. 

At the Airport
These are my sweet babies, waiting for security to clear out a little so we could parade through together, and hopefully not lose anyone.

1st Flight
Annika was a little nervous. She is, in some ways my most cautious, and sometimes my least. She did GREAT on the plane. The couple that sat in front of us even commented that they had a son about the same age, and he would NOT have done so well. She barely made a sound. She did NOT like her seat belt buckle though. It kept poking her.

My men on the plane. 
Aeden and Noah had a great time. Noah (by the window) has been on several flights, and never really seemed to mind. Jason (the big one) was terrified, hates flying, has to grip the armrests until his veins pop out and drank most of the way there. Luckily it is only a one hour flight. Aeden LOVED it. He said "Woah" (as the plane hit the edge of a thermal and dropped. "That was scary, and sooooo cool."

Annika was not particularly fond of the ups and down of takeoff, and decided goldfish were an acceptable bribe.

Lots of People in the pool
This is the BEAUTIFUL backyard of my MIL and her partner. They were so generous to have all of us, and pay for the trip. We love getting to see them, and the pool is the only way to survive Florida.

Anni always has something to give
They have a storage shed, and several bins all for pool toys. We had been there about ten minutes before the toys were scattered EVERYWHERE.

The family Joke.
"Why isn't your pool clean? Who does your service?"
 It is a joke, because MIL owns a pool service business, and by the time she gets home doesn't want to do much with her own. Nevertheless, it is lovely, and I wouldn't have gone if the pool weren't there! (Well, maybe)


New Friends

Having so much fun!
 Aeden got to spend some much needed play time with his cousin Jake, and this sweet little boy Randy. Randy speaks almost no English, so Aeden had to do most of the talking. His Spanish is good for a four year old with non-Spanish speaking parents, but it still made for tough conversation. They didn't care. Pool time/play time is universal.

Pool Toys!!!
Annika went no farther than the top steps for three days.

Blake and Noah are GREAT swimmers, and it was almost impossible to get them out of the pool. Again, food is an acceptable bribe. 

Raven Sleeps...SURPRISE! OK, not really

Aeden and Jacob Together
Aeden and Jake are the best of friends. I hate that they live so far apart. I have never seen two kids so compatible. They almost never fight, always want to do the same thing, communicate beautifully, and just LOVE being together.

Aeden sleeps ON Anni

 Apparently, a blanket is not necessary (it was like 40 degrees in the camper), but a pillow must be had. One way or another. This is the morning we left to come home. It was VERY early.
Haha, I just noticed the drool spot on Anni's pillow.

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